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About Us


About Us

Integrated Oilfield Pumps Supplier from China!

Tianjin Geostar Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer and trading combination that integrates research and development, manufacturing, and trading of oilfield pumps. Established in 2002, our factory is located in Shangjie, Zhengzhou city, Henan province and the sales center is set up in Tianjin city.  We sincerely welcome all customers and partners to visit our facility to discuss the business cooperation. 


Mission and Vision

To become a leading one-stop supplier in oilfield pump and related equipment area.


What We Do

Manufacturing and Production Business Trading and Distribution Business
GST Brand centrifugal sand pump, open and closed impeller type

RG brand API 7K certified triplex drilling mud pump and parts.

GST Brand mud shear pump, super charging pump JY brand of high pressure plunger pump, cement pump, frac pump
GST Brand shale shaker, mud cleaner Water injection pump, polymer injection pump, profile control pump



Why Choose Geostar?



  • Over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience for GST brand centrifugal sand pump
  • Over 10 years of sales and service experience of RG brand triplex drilling mud pump. API 7K certified mud pump factory, and with experienced after-sales service team standby.
  • Customized technical solutions for drilling mud pump package, plunger pump unit etc.


Cost Effective

  • Our efficient manufacturing processes, coupled with economies of scale, allow us to produce our product at a lower cost per unit. This advantage is passed on to our customers in the form of a more competitive price point.
  • We employ a holistic approach that considers the entire lifecycle of our product. By factoring in aspects such as initial investment, maintenance, energy consumption, and replacement costs, we ensure that our product's total cost of ownership remains significantly lower than that of competitors.
  • Built with high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship, our product boasts exceptional durability. Its robust construction minimizes the need for frequent replacements and repairs, resulting in reduced maintenance expenses and downtime.


Fast Shipping

  • Sand pump: Keep sufficient stock of casing, impeller, shaft, shaft sleeve, bearings, electric motor to shorten the delivery time of sand pump set.
  • Mud pump parts: Ready stock of mud pump expendable parts like liner, piston, valve body, valve seat, pony rod, piston rod etc.
  • Mud pump package: Optimize the transmission route and configuration. Faster delivery time compared to counterparts.


Research & Development


Production & Manufacturing 



Marketing & After-service 


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Leave A Message
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