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Geostar Delivers Mud Pump Fluid End Module to Tianjin Port Warehouse for Indonesian Customer

Geostar Delivers Mud Pump Fluid End Module to Tianjin Port Warehouse for Indonesian Customer

Sep 03, 2023

Geostar, a leading provider of drilling equipment and solutions, is pleased to announce the successful delivery of a mud pump fluid end module to the Tianjin port warehouse. This delivery marks a significant milestone in the company's commitment to serving its valued international customers, specifically catering to an Indonesian client's drilling needs.


The mud pump fluid end module, a critical component in drilling mud pump, was manufactured to the highest industry standards at Geostar's state-of-the-art production facility. This achievement underscores Geostar's dedication to quality and reliability in its products.


The fluid end module's journey to the Tianjin port warehouse was meticulously coordinated to ensure its safe arrival and readiness for shipment to Indonesia. Geostar's logistics and quality control teams worked diligently to uphold the company's reputation for excellence.


"We have always considered customer satisfaction as our top priority," said Billy Wang, the director of the company. "This successful delivery is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication to meeting our customers' needs promptly."


Geostar continues to expand its presence in the global drilling equipment market by delivering high-quality products and solutions. The company looks forward to further collaborations with international partners and customers to support their drilling endeavors.

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