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Understanding the Importance of BOMCO Mud Pump Liners

Understanding the Importance of BOMCO Mud Pump Liners

Mar 06, 2024


- Mud pump liner is the mud pump fluid end consumables frequently used in the drilling operation. 


**What is BOMCO?**

- BOMCO (Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co., Ltd.), is the leading OEM of oilfield mud pump. We supply alternative interchangeable liner to BOMCO liner.


**Key Features of BOMCO Mud Pump Liners:**

1. *Durable Materials:* Bi-metal, ZTA or ceramic is mostly commonly used material for mud pump liners.

2. *Precision Manufacturing:* Our mud pump liners are using the same drawings and craftsmanship with BOMCO to ensure consistent and reliable performance.


**Benefits of Using BOMCO Mud Pump Liners:**

- Improved Working Hours: 800 hours for bi-metal liner, and 3000+ hours for ceramic liners.

- Cost-Effectiveness: Competitive pricing compared with counterparts. 


**Maintenance Tips:**

- Provide practical tips for maintaining and prolonging the lifespan of BOMCO mud pump liners.

-  Regular inspections and proper care.


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