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Mud Pump

  • Installation of Drilling Mud Pump
    Installation of Drilling Mud Pump
    Oct 22, 2023
    Drilling mud pump is the core equipment for petroleum drilling rig package, and following is the installation procedure of drilling mud pump unit. 1. The drilling pump and the base must be placed on a horizontal basis, the pump should be kept as horizontal as possible, and the horizontal deviation should not exceed 3mm, in order to facilitate the correct distribution of lubricating oil at the power end during operation.   2. The position of the pump should be as low as possible, and the position of the drilling mud tank should be raised as much as possible to facilitate suction.   3. The inner diameter of the suction pipe of the pump shall not be smaller than the inner diameter of the connection part of the pump. Before installation, it is necessary to clean the pump suction and pipelines, the suction line must not have air leakage, valves and elbows should be installed as little as possible, valves must use full-open valves. The length of the inlet pipe should be kept within the length range of 2.1m~3.5m to reduce the friction loss and inertia loss in the suction pipe, which is helpful. For suction, the suction line should be 300mm higher than the bottom of the drilling mud tank.   4. In order to smooth the operation of the pump and extend the life of the wear parts, the drilling pump needs to be equipped with a super charging pump. Between the inlet of the pump and the outlet of the charging pump. There should be a safety valve, which is adjusted to 0.5MPa, which protects the charging pump from damage in the event of overpressure in the suction pipe.   5. The connection between the suction pipe and the drilling mud tank cannot be directly opposite the drilling fluid return point above the drilling fluid pool, so as not to suck the drilling fluid tank bottom debris.   6. Firmly support all suction and discharge lines so that they are not subjected to unnecessary stress and reduce vibrations, which must never be caused by. There is not enough support to allow the line to hang on the pump.   7. In order to prevent damage to the drilling fluid pump due to excessive pressure, the relief valve must be installed at the outlet near the pump, and the safety valve must be installed before any valve, so that if the pump is accidentally started when the valve is closed, and the pump will not be damaged, the relief valve must be installed. The seamless steel pipe for the outlet is led directly to the mud pool, and this seamless steel pipe should have as few turns as possible. If turning, the elbow should be larger than 120°, do not lead the discharge end of the safety valve to the suction pipe of the pump with a pipe, so as to avoid high-pressure drilling fluid drainage when the safety valve is opened out causing unnecessary accidents.
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  • Drilling Mud Pump-The Heart of Oilfield Drilling Operation
    Drilling Mud Pump-The Heart of Oilfield Drilling Operation
    Oct 17, 2023
    Drilling pumps were formerly known as "mud pumps". If the whole drilling operation process is compared to human life activities, then the drilling pump, like the human heart, is the source of continuous circulation of drilling fluid from the ground to the bottom of the well, and then from the bottom of the well back to the surface. Drilling pumps are an important part of drilling equipment. In commonly used rotary drilling, it is to send the surface washing medium, drilling fluid, under a certain pressure, through the high-pressure hose, swivel and drill string center hole, straight to the bottom of the drill bit, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling the drill bit, removing the cut rock chips and transporting them to the surface. The commonly used drilling pump is piston type or plunger type, the crankshaft of the pump is driven by the power machine, and the crankshaft is driven by the crosshead and then driven by the piston or plunger in the pump cylinder to reciprocate. Under the alternating action of suction valve and discharge valve, the purpose of pressure delivery and circulation of drilling fluid is realized. During the drilling process, if the drilling pump does not work properly, a downhole drilling accident will occur, just like the human heart has stopped beating. The classification of drilling pumps can be divided into single-acting drilling pumps and double-acting drilling pumps according to the form of action, and can be divided into three cylinders and five cylinders according to the number of cylinders.
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